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I am writing a book.

I know. Part of me can't believe it either and I'm the one writing it.

It's sort of a dystopian thing. Obviously, I'll go into more detail later, but it's essientially about an unapologetic terrorist. I kind of love her a little bit.

It's sort of frightening and exciting at the same time. I was writing pretty steadily, but recently, I slowed down because world building is killing me softly, guys.

But it's all still good fun and I think, at the end, this could be really good.

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 I am so, so, so pleased about the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Finally, a discriminatory policy can be put to bed. The idea that gay and lesbian Americans could not serve openly in the military  is ridiculous and disgusting, as well as a violation of their civil liberties. America is making me pleased.

I am not, however, pleased about failing to pass the DREAM Act. I was so hoping it would, though I suppose I was a bit naive there.

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 So...I've started using a dip pen to write. 

As in, the predecessor of fountain pen. Which, itself is the predecessor of the ballpoint  pen.

I'm a nut.

Life is Good

 Back in May, I entered a screenwriting contest with the Virginia Film Office.

I just received word that my screenplay wasn't selected. 

But, in the letter, they also included what the judge said about my screenplay and honestly, it's the best news I could have received right now -  that it's got all the right ingredients and that "with careful revision, it could be a great indie screenplay". That I "clearly demonstrate story sense, originality and vision". That I need to work on structure, scene and sequence development. 

Outside of actually winning, this is legit the best news I could get. I know I need to work on technical aspects of screenwriting. But to be told that I actually have a clear vision and originality, to be told that I actually have a story to tell, to be told that it could be a great script with some TLC - that means all the world to me. 

I needed to hear that I can actually do this - that I have some innate talent for this. I needed to know that I wasn't just spinning my wheels and trying something I have no chance in hell of doing well in.

So, to whomever at the Virginia Screenwriting Competition judged Script 60: thank you.
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I hate my job.

I can't explain fully how much I truly loathe my job. 

I work in customer service and I cannot fully explain how incredibly dishearting it is.  I speak to people all over America everyday and all this job has taught me is that I really can't stand my fellow citizens. 97 precent of the people I have to speak to are deeply horrible, stupid and entitled people. I cannot understand why they behave as they do and why the feel the need to yell, harass and belittle as they do. The other 3 percent ranges from okay to completely wonderful, but they aren't enough to make me feel like my job is any less soul sucking than it is.

I just spent the last 2 or so hours crying my eyes out. I'm not, habitually, a crier.

I'm losing my grip on myself and my life. I'm nowhere near what I wanted to be. I have a degree I'm not using. I'm working on a Master's degree that I can't work on this year because my employer won't give me the time. I'm drowning and unhappy and the only thing that keeps me vaguely afloat is my little brother.
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 I have not posted in quite some time. I've been busy, busy, busy. And tired, tired, tired.

Life has been...life like.

I did buy a new car yesterday - I'm now the owner of a 2010 Hyundai Sonata. I really like the car. I'm a little sad to have parted with my old car, but it was a '94. It was time for something else. That and what I needed to have repaired would cost more than what the car was worth. But I really like my new car.