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Life is Good
 Back in May, I entered a screenwriting contest with the Virginia Film Office.

I just received word that my screenplay wasn't selected. 

But, in the letter, they also included what the judge said about my screenplay and honestly, it's the best news I could have received right now -  that it's got all the right ingredients and that "with careful revision, it could be a great indie screenplay". That I "clearly demonstrate story sense, originality and vision". That I need to work on structure, scene and sequence development. 

Outside of actually winning, this is legit the best news I could get. I know I need to work on technical aspects of screenwriting. But to be told that I actually have a clear vision and originality, to be told that I actually have a story to tell, to be told that it could be a great script with some TLC - that means all the world to me. 

I needed to hear that I can actually do this - that I have some innate talent for this. I needed to know that I wasn't just spinning my wheels and trying something I have no chance in hell of doing well in.

So, to whomever at the Virginia Screenwriting Competition judged Script 60: thank you.

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(Deleted comment)
UGH you are so LUCKY. I submit poetry and prose all the time and I only get the rejections, never feedback. That's exciting for you, good luck with your screenplay!

Thank you!

And good luck with your work as well!

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