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(no subject)
 So...I've started using a dip pen to write. 

As in, the predecessor of fountain pen. Which, itself is the predecessor of the ballpoint  pen.

I'm a nut.

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You're NOT a NUT, Enid! :) *hugs* I like using typewriters rather than computers myself. :) It's just more satisfying to punch those keys and hear that ding. Similarly, I bet using that older type of pen makes the act of writing more tactile and fun and satisfying too. Do you like the scratcing sound upon the paper? :S

By the by, I'm over here from the SherlockFest friending meme. :D And because you're Virginian as well, I friended you. Hope you don't mind that gesture, but I don't find many fellow Virginians on LJ. Or at least I hadn't until NOW, that is. :) *hugs*

So? Friends? ;S


I'm glad someone doesn't think I'm insane - everyone else I know does. And yeah, the pen just makes a world of difference writing - I do love the scratching sound and the fact that I'm spending more effort actually writing something. I hate the ballpoint pen with a passion.

And typerwriters are absolutely amazing. I'm trying to find our family's old one, but I've had no luck so far.

And I'm so down with being friends! It's nice to see another Midlo person around here!

Hey again Erica! :)

My family had a really old manual one (typewriter, that is) plus an 80s era electric one that went ding like a computer at the end of each line. The latter promptly broken while I was using the "white/write-out" key, and the former was lost somewhere in the attic or given away after we all got our first computers. Which nowadays I find to be a travesty, because my computer is currently more finicky than either typewriter EVER was. *sigh*

Anyhoo - when I still had the wholly manual one - I would act just like I was Harriet the Spy (which starred Rosie O'Donnell, Michelle Trachtenberg, PRE-Dawn-Summers/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vanessa Lee Chester, pre-Lost-World, post-A-Little-Princess, AND a pre-Everwood Gregory Smith) and lug it up onto my bed and type on it there, just like she did in the film. I secretly think that that movie is what first spurred me on to being a writer in RL. Sad, but also very prolly true. *lol* ;)

And yep, I feel the same way about ballpoint pens that you do. They're annoying: they either dry out waaaaay too quickly or run constantly. And I especially hate the ones that have those ink wells you can see into, or the clear casings like the ones pilot easygrip pens have. Because even when the ink well looks full, the ballpoint is dry, which means the ink is stuck inside and no amount of "writing" with it will unstick it.

Anyhoo, I feel the same way about pen scratching to paper though. It's like you feel more accomplished when writing longhand with such an ornate tool, than typing it up on a computer screen.

Say though...you wouldn't happen be the type of person that also likes the smell of old books AND new books or newsprint, would you? *knows she is is strange & hopes you don't mind*

'Cuz I worked on the school paper when I was younger and whenever er got in new copies of what we'd sent off, I'd yell "Hot off the Presses!" because the pages were still warm and smelled crisp (but mostly because I'm a MAJOR geek like that). And then there's my fascination with hole-in-the-wall mom-and-pop bookshops or older, bigger libraries. *continues to wax poetry about books*

...I guess that's why I will prolly never get a Kindle. Sure, it's convenient. But, it takes away the joy of physically turning the page for yourself and having the actual books themselves in your posession too. And to me, those two things are half the fun! ;)

Oh no! I think I've rambled on for far too long. But, at least, now you know a few of my secrets. ;) That I'm old-fashioned typer AND reader. *lol* I hope I haven't lost you, at any rate. :) *hugs*


PS Ditto AND "Yay!" for FINALLY meeting a fellow Midlo person here and having that person aka you as my friend. I was shocked to be sure when I saw your entry at SherlockFest. Anyhoo, if you don't mind my asking, did you go to school around here??? Myself? I went to Greenfield/Robius/Bettie Weaver (3 elementary schools - I blame my parents for moving and then my school district for redistricting *grin*), Midlothian/Robius (2 middle schools....LONG story), and James River to finish it off. :) (Hmmm...just 1 high schook, so I must have finally settled down...*lol*)

...Up until college that is, because I transferred midway through THAT era too. I went away to RMWC in Lynchburg for my 1st two years, and then came back to the Richmond area to go to VCU for the rest and graduated from there a few years back now, with an English/Writing degree. So, yet another two different schools under my belt. ;) I've been around the block quite a fair number of times, you could say... ;)

Edited at 2010-11-17 11:35 am (UTC)

I think my love of typewriters is also what made me want to write! Well, write screenplays, anyway. I love writing short stories and am trying to work on a novel, but screenwriting comes much easier to me.

I am one of those people who loves the smell of books - new and old - and newsprint! Everyone thinks I'm insane when I say booksmell is one of the best smells ever. It's instantly comforting. And I also can't handle an e-reader. I understand be appeal and I think I should get one for traveling as I tend to travel with several books and it's cumbersome, but not being able to hold a book and turn the pages scares me, to be honest. And I love seeing books on a bookshelf.

I actually went to Manchester High, but I moved the summer before freshman year - I was originally going to James River. I went to Providence Middle - I moved to Chesterfield in 7th grade.

I went to college in NYC at NYU - but one of my best friends went to RMWC! She was there when it went co-ed.

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